Fall isn’t complete without a Halloween party! Whether you want to throw a Halloween bash for adults, kids, or all ages, a little planning goes a long way. In fact, with so many exciting Halloween party ideas out there, there’s really no such thing as too much planning when it comes to throwing a spook-tastic bash!

That’s why we’ve put together a guide for how to throw a Halloween party, from inviting guests to serving food and drink to setting up a terrifyingly terrific atmosphere.

Halloween Party Ideas & Tips

1. Prepare your guests.

Beware – fun awaits! While that’s the only message anyone really needs to hear when being invited to a Halloween party, everyone appreciates a clear invitation so they know what to expect. The first step of throwing a great Halloween party is creating a guest list and invitations that let your friends and family know not just when and where the party is happening, but also what (if anything) to bring and how to dress.

As you create invitations, consider the following:

2. Plan your spooky setup.

Now that you’ve invited your guests and let them know what to expect, it’s time to think about your setup. Where will guests eat, drink, socialize, dance, watch movies, or any other activity you’re planning? You’ll need to think through these practical party aspects, then dress it all up with some deadly decorations.

3. Schedule some activities.

A Halloween party provides endless opportunities for activities, from arts and crafts to games and more. Again, consult the ages of your guests and your theme (if applicable) to help inspire some activities. Below are a few ideas to get you started!

4. Don’t forget the refreshments!

Last but not least, every Halloween party needs frightful food and deadly drinks! Whether you’re creating kid-friendly treats or grownup libations, luckily everything can be made spooky if you try.