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We’re a company of candy lovers with a mission to bring delectable candies straight to your door! Our goal is to excite and delight you with fun, delicious, and enlivening sweets. From American mom-and-pop confectioneries to unique international delights, our selection represents the most toothsome candy the world has to offer.

Depending on your level of sweet tooth, we have options to buy a monthly subscription or individual candy cups!


Live sweetly with a monthly Candy Club subscription — each box is filled with 6 delectable candies that are curated from around the globe. Our candy experts focus on textures, flavor profiles, and excitement when building your monthly candy box.

All you have to do is decide: are you a “Mostly Sweet” or “Mostly Sour” candy lover?


Enjoy unique and classic favorites like fruity gummies, rich chocolates, toothsome taffies, sour belts, and tart chews!

We offer delicious quality candies and ship them straight to you. Individual Candy Club cups are perfect for self-care, gifting, birthdays, or ‘just because’ candy makes everyday moments – sweeter!