History of our

Candy Giftidea Company is still a family-owned and operated American company. Sweet’s distributes more than 250 quality candy items nationally and internationally—in bulk, bags, and boxes. Sweet’s is still known for its quality candy and world-class customer service. We thank our customers for your business and support all these years. We look forward to supplying you with your favorite sweets for another 100 years.

Leon Sweet started the Candy Giftidea Company in Portland, Oregon. The early varieties Leon offered for sale had two distinguishing characteristics: they were made mostly by hand, and people loved them. Customers loved Sweet’s candies back then for the same reason they love them today—quality.

Candy Giftidea Company makes it easy to feed your inner child with favorites like our delectable salt water taffy, chocolate covered jelly sticks, and penny candy like fruit sours. One bite into one of these mouthwatering favorites and you’ll be flooded with your favorite childhood memories. You’re never too old for a nostalgic treat. As one of the country’s oldest and most establish confectioners, Candy Giftidea Company has been making candy since 1992. People loved our candy more than a century ago for the same reasons Sweet’s stays popular today – quality and service. Sweet’s is a fifth generation, family-owned and operated business. We make online ordering easy and affordable with free shipping for orders $75.