Candy, costumes, and all things creepy – it’s that time of year again! If you’re planning a Halloween party for grown-ups, you can add “cocktails” to that list. Halloween is the perfect time to get creative with your refreshments, putting a sweet-and-spooky twist on your old favorites. And what better way to get into the spirit of Halloween than using candy in your cocktails? That way, even if childhood is long behind you, you can still get a taste of the trick-or-treating tradition.

If you’re looking for Halloween-themed drinks to serve at your scary soiree, you’ve come to the right place! Check out six recipes for creepy candy cocktails using treats from Candy Club’s very own selection.

Six Creepy Candy Cocktails for Halloween

1. Witch’s Brew

The best thing about the Witch’s Brew cocktail is that there are tons of ways to make it. The most important thing is that you feature the kind of creepy-crawly ingredients you’d find in a witch’s potion! Think candy shaped like bones, hair, and of course creatures. Candy Club’s Bookworms make a great garnish for this bright green gummy worm-infested variety!

Another version calls for dry ice to create a chilling misty effect, while the cherry garnish can be replaced with Candy Club’s Merry Cherries. Simply find the recipe that best suits your taste and add some creepy-crawlies!

2. Poison Apple Cocktail

This is another candy cocktail idea that offers several options to choose from. One martini-inspired version has a bright green color to match the apple flavor and is perfect for guests who love the taste of sour apple candy. Another version takes its flavors from another fall favorite, apple cider.

Whichever version you choose, garnish your cocktails with a Big Apple perched on the rim of the glass or a knot of Sour Apple laces hanging over the side. Don’t worry, the only danger in drinking this candy cocktail is how dangerously delicious it is!

3. Candy Corn Martini

This is the ultimate candy cocktail for those who want their refreshments to taste like a treat in a glass! For this Candy Corn Martini, you get a layered yellow-and-orange look, sweet fruity flavors of peach and pineapple, plus whipped cream on top. It’s so pretty you might not even want to drink it! That is, if you can resist the candy corn garnish on top.

For a fun twist, swap out traditional candy corn for Candy Club’s Candy Corn Puffs. These gummy treats sell out fast, so order yours before it’s “boo” late!

4. Strawberry “Count Drac”quiris

It may not be summer, but you can still enjoy the warm-weather flavors of rum, lime, and strawberries with a spooky twist on the strawberry daiquiri. This sweet, blood-red candy cocktail is a vampire’s delight! Simply find your favorite strawberry daiquiri recipe and garnish with strawberry candies, such as Candy Club’s Strawberry Wheels perched on the rim of the glass. Guests can even unwind the coil to create a sweet “vein” of berry goodness!

5. “Madman”-hattan

This candy cocktail is for the whiskey lovers! Grab your favorite rye whiskey (or bourbon if you like to bend the rules), some sweet vermouth, bitters, and your preferred Manhattan recipe. Then skip the traditional brandied cherry garnish in favor of one of Candy Club’s chocolate-covered cherry treats. Our Merry Cherries are covered with rich dark chocolate, while Je T’aime Paris are dipped in both milk chocolate and white chocolate.

6. Frank-in-steins

Is it really fall without a cocktail served hot? Put a Halloween twist on the classic hot buttered rum with this candy cocktail idea. Grab some beer steins and creepy candies to garnish the recipe of your choosing and create a drink Dr. Frankenstein would be happy to relax with after a long night of experimenting.

Candy Club’s Missing Body Parts are a perfect reference to Frankenstein’s monster – grab them before they sell out, stick them on some skewers and pop them into your steins! You can also choose candies to complement the sweet spices of the drink, like our Cinnamon Spice Almonds or Pumpkin Spice Malts.